Options and Custom Options
 What you see on our website and in our showroom is only a small sampling of what's really available. For starters, any piece can be altered simply by choosing a different wood. Any wood you choose can then be finished in your choice of stain (natural to very dark) or paint (white to black) or a combination of stain and paint. You may want to go a step further and have it hand-planed, distressed, or glazed for an antique appearance. See some of our finish samples under Finish Choices.
 Most of our items also come with an options list that can be used to change the look. For instance, you may have a choice of sizes, table leg styles, extension or solid top, hutch sizes and configurations, glass or wood panel doors, and the chairs of your choice to go with the table you like, to name a few. If you want what we have, only longer or shorter, higher or lower, wider or narrower, we can nearly always do it for you! Because it is a variation of a product already in production, you may create the look you want without paying what it would cost to have a custom shop build it from scratch.
 If you cannot find anything even close to what you desire, let us know. Bring us a picture, a sketch, or just your visual description and we will give you a custom quote at no charge. Don't wait any longer for that piece you've been wishing for. Stop in and see what we can do!