Bed Frame

Bed Frame Construction
Nearly all of our beds feature this unique construction design that produces a very stable bed.  The slats are dovetailed into the side rail so they will not fall out.  The cast aluminum bracket is screwed into the post and the rail of the bed producing a very stable, sturdy bed unlike what you will find in most other stores.  Stop by and compare the difference!


Adjustable Glide Leveler
This is a feature available on most of our larger pieces of furniture such as tables, china cabinets, etc.  No more shims to level that piece of furniture.  Simply turn the glide up or down to get it where you want it.


Corner Blocking
Everybody recognizes the value of a strong chair.  No more wobbling and creaking.  Corner blocks supply additional strength to the seat frame and legs for greater lateral-motion resistance. 
Our tables also feature corner blocks to firmly anchor the legs and support the table skirt.  Table legs tend to work themselves loose when held with only one bolt, so, of course, our tables have two bolts per leg.
Glue and screws (not nails) hold the corner blocks in place, and are another sign of the attention to small details that sets our furniture apart.



Equalizer Table Slides
Would you like to spread your table and put the leaves in it by yourself? Now you can! Equalizer slides are available on any pedestal or trestle style table. These allow only one person to open the table by pulling on theone end. Not only that, but the leaves self-store inside the table as well. No more going to the closet to get those extra leaves. Ask for the self-storing option on your table. (Up to 4 leaves will self-store)


Dovetailed Drawer Boxes
Unlike most of what passes for furniture in a lot of stores, our drawer boxes are all dovetailed on all four corners!  Drawer boxes are also made out of solid hardwood.  Do you want the wood and finish same as the outside?  Just request that the drawer box match the exterior of your furniture.


Drawer Slides
While we appreciate very much the construction of many timeless antiques of the past, none of our furniture uses a wood slide.  Ever try to open a drawer that had a sticking, warped wood slide?  Never again!  Now you can open drawers with ease, and full-extension slides give you access to the very back of the drawer.  We offer numerous metal-slide options from a concealed undermount soft-close slide to a side mounted ball-bearing slide to a simple kitchen style glide. Your choice!


Mortise and Tenon
This is a feature of all our frame chairs. A frame chair is one that the seat is not an integral part of the chair and has a frame underneath the seat. The chair base is then mortise and tenoned together giving exceptional strength and durability to the chair. Say goodbye to creaking and wobbling chairs!


Shiplap Back
For added detail and handcrafted appeal, you may choose a shiplap back on your furniture.  Especially eyecatching on book cases and china cabinets, the shiplap backs are composed of individual boards with tongue-and-groove joints for a strong, precise fit.


Craftman's Signatures
Handcrafted furniture has many advantages. One of them is a craftsman's signature and date on your piece of furniture! Want to have it signed by our craftsman? It is as simple as asking for it. This can increase the value of your heirloom years from now.