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What is Alegacy Furniture?
Alegacy Furniture is the result of a love for beautiful, hand made, hardwood furniture, a desire to promote and support American entrepreneurship, and some friendships that began well over a decade before the store opened. The business partnership was formed by Steve Sweigart, Ron Martin, and Mike Newswanger in 2007 and our doors opened for business on October 12 of the same year. Our goal in business is to provide you with excellence in outstanding customer service and satisfaction by offering exceptional products and by upholding the Christian principles which have been a blessing to America and to all who have upheld them in the past -- honesty, integrity, courtesy, and accountability.

We specialize in made-to-order, handcrafted furniture, and we offer you the ability to purchase furniture using the standard options or to customize or custom design your furniture to your specific needs. Your furniture is hand made in your choice of American hardwood and finished with the stain or paint color you choose. This flexibility allows you to satisfy your tastes in style, color, and function. Select from a large collection of styles and designs, or create your own look using our options or your own ideas! Custom design, which we offer free of charge, allows you to enjoy the experience of designing your own masterpiece! Bring a picture, sketch, or just your ideas and we will design your furniture and get a free quote for you.

As store owners, we have chosen to remain personally involved in ordering, receiving, and even delivering your furniture. You work directly with us in planning, customizing, and placing your furniture order, and we deal directly with the craftsman in charge of building it for you. We transport the hardwood furniture on our own truck to our warehouse where we inspect it prior to delivering it to your home. It's our way of taking Amish handcrafted furniture to a whole new level, and our customers love it!

We have chosen to work predominantly with Amish manufacturers in Ohio and Indiana because of their wide range of styles, greater selection of wood species, attention to finer details, and choice of high-end finish. We also deal with a few manufacturers in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania who hold the same high standards. They produce hand made furniture using American hardwoods, time honored techniques, and the same principles we hold dear. Everyone can appreciate the enduring craftsmanship and usefulness of an antique. We genuinely believe that old world craftsmanship from today's American craftsmen will also provide generations of enjoyment in your home as furniture today, and a legacy tomorrow!

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What's Wrong With Inexpensive or Imported Furniture?
In America today, millions of dollars and millions of gallons of fuel are expended in the daily activity of piling America's trash onto growing piles of rubbish. Years ago, the term "dump" was replaced with the almost friendly-sounding moniker "landfill." But an epidemic by any other name is still an epidemic, and our desire to have more things at lower prices has hastened the spread of this particular one. Cheap products do not last, and the ghosts of Christmases past (and birthdays, parties, and unwise purchases) haunt us today in the forms broken, unwanted toys, tools, cheap furniture, and typical non-biodegradeable trash in the ever growing landfills in our communities.

"Disposeable" does not always mean "decomposeable." "Filling land" is not as harmless as it sounds. Buying inexpensive, new furniture every 5-10 years is not as cheap or eco-friendly as it may at first seem, either. Each purchase adds to the cost. Importing furniture burns tons of fuel for shipping and transportation. It also requires truckloads of cardboard boxes and wood pallets, and consumes reams of paperwork, all supplied by trees. Tons of plastic and styrofoam packaging supplies get discarded when these items are unpacked. (At Alegacy Furniture, we wrap your furniture in reuseable shipping blankets for transportation from the manufacturer and for delivery to your home.) And in your lifetime, you will spend countless hours of your time and consume untold gallons of fuel shopping for replacement furniture.

Low-formaldehyde regulations for composite wood (pressboard, particleboard, etc.) in effect since January 1, 2009 consume even more paper by requiring every business worldwide involved in the production, shipping, and sale of any composite wood product to keep records of its testing and compliance. This law is also increasing fuel usage to ship compliant boards from the United States to factories in Asia to meet the demand that Asian wood processors are not able to fill. The finished products, which still legally contain lower levels of formaldehyde, are then packaged and shipped back to America and elsewhere for sale. The formaldehyde in the composite wood leaches into the air of your home and office, exposing you and your family to long-term health risks. And because composites do not hold up as well as hardwoods, in a few years the worn-out furniture makes the toxic landfills larger.

On the other hand, using solid wood is a "green" choice. It naturally contains no formaldehyde additives, it can be recycled, and it is renewable, biodegradeable, and durable. When used for furniture, it can last for generations! This gives you a much lower average annual cost and a much greater value for your investment. Not only that, but all our wood used is locally harvested using methods that meet or exceed FSC recommendations. Even the byproducts from wood processing are useful, too, for mulch, soil conditioners, animal bedding, paper, etc. And America's hardwood forests continue to increase! Now that's eco-friendly!

So which is better, using wood chips (from trees), toxic glue, and wood- and oil-based packaging to massproduce and import furniture that needs to be replaced every few years, or using trees (from sustainable forests near the furniture manufacturers) to build furniture that will endure for centuries? It is time for us to look to the future and to raise our standards.

American hardwoods, American craftsmen, American stores, American makes perfect sense, doesn't it? Choosing solid hardwood furniture sets you apart in today's mass-production, throw-away age. Invest in your future -- America's future!

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Why Should I Choose American Hardwood?
Walk through a park or breathe the fresh air of a forest. Feel your muscles relax and your mind lose its clutter. Trees, plants, and grasses purify the air we breathe by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, and studies have proven that they also have a mentally and physically calming effect. What if we had more trees? The Hardwood Forest Foundation reports that hardwood forests in the United States are growing 70% faster than they are being harvested! This growth is due to ecological forest management techniques used by the forestry industry. Since the 1940's, sustainable harvest methods have been used to successfully conserve and improve North America's natural, renewable timber resource! Imported lumber, when traced to its source, has often yielded unpleasant surprises. There is much illegal harvesting being done in nations with insufficient oversight, and acres of forests are destroyed by carelessness and over harvesting. Included in illegal harvesting cases are trees that were taken from the area around the Chernobyl nuclear accident, where the threat of contamination still exists. Forest area in numerous nations continues to decrease year after year. As long as there is a demand for this "less expensive" yet ecologically costly timber, this kind of harvesting will continue.

As trees grow, they absorb carbon dioxide(CO2) and other poisons from the air and release oxygen into the air. The carbon is essential to the tree's growth and becomes part of the tree. It remains "trapped" in the wood for as long as the tree lasts. If the tree dies and falls to the ground the carbon is again released as the the wood decays. But if the tree is harvested and turned into lumber, its life is extended indefinitely and the carbon remains sequestered in the structure of the wood. Young trees grow in its place, absorbing carbon dioxide even more rapidly than older, established trees. For this reason, a sustainably harvested forest is environmentally healthier than a forest that is left entirely on its own. Sustainable harvesting prevents overcrowding of trees and allows sunlight to penetrate to the forest floor and encourage undergrowth, providing food and habitat for forest wildlife. This mirrors the long-term benefits of forest fires without the years of devastation, loss of wildlife, and slow regrowth that forest fires bring. Aren't trees amazing? The natural resource used to make your furniture is replaced by new growth! And your furniture may never need replacing again. It will earn its place as an heirloom in your family. It's a fact you can be proud of. Make your next purchase with the assurance that it benefits both the environment and American industry. Then relax in its warm tones and natural beauty. We emphasize the term "solid hardwood" in relation to the quality of our products. When we say "solid hardwood," you may rest assured that it has no hidden surprises underneath a thin veneer. If you order cherry, you get solid cherry. Order oak, and you get solid oak. The same is true for walnut, maple, elm, etc. No pressboard, flakeboard, or other "engineered woods" with their chemical glues and thin veneers are used in your furniture production--only the finest in natural, renewable American hardwoods. And in non-structural areas such as drawer bottoms and shelves, a high quality hardwood ply is often used to eliminate warping and cracking issues. In the spirit of artisans of the past, our craftsmen employ the best products and methods available for the production of your furniture. At Alegacy Furniture, you can count on the superior quality and value of hardwood!

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How is the Furniture Produced?
Your hardwood furniture is hand made with attention to longevity as well as beauty. Each step of the manufacturing process includes a hands-on approach to uphold the highest standards and ensure the quality of the furniture. The lumber used to make each piece is hand selected and visually inspected prior to being used. Care is taken to avoid boards that show signs of weakness or the probability of warping or splitting. The timeproven construction processes of mortise-and-tenon joinery, cabinet face frames, finger joining, corner block assembly, and dove-tailed drawers all contribute to the superior strength and quality of each piece. Panel-andframe pieces, such as doors, incorporate a unique 'floating' panel within the frame to allow for natural expansion and contraction of the wood without splitting or warping the frame. Flexible retainers hold the floating panel in place and keep it from rattling. Drawer boxes are made with dove-tailed corners and solid hardwood sides. They are mounted on two high quality drawer slides for ease of operation. Hidden, full-extension, and soft-close slides are available, as well as wood-on-wood slides for true antique reproduction characteristics. Hand-sanding before the stain is applied and between coats of finish produces a satin-smooth finished product. Again, a visual, handson inspection before it is blanket-wrapped for delivery guarantees that each step of the process was accurately followed.

The process of hand assembly, hand sanding, hand finishing, and hands-on inspection assures a fit and finish like no other! The end result is beauty and value unmatched by any mass-produced furniture. Run your fingers under the edges and feel the same smooth finish as the top. Delight in the ease with which the drawers open and close. Envision it gracing your home for years to come. Experience nature, artfully transformed.

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What Finish Protects Your Furniture?
All the hardwood furniture we sell is protected with conversion varnish as the standard finish. Conversion varnish is a modern catalyzed varnish, recognized as the best furniture finish on today's market. Because of its high solids content and chemical-reaction curing process, conversion varnish is highly durable and resistant to water, scratches, and household chemicals. (No more worries about spills, lipstick, nail polish remover, crayons, etc!) UV blockers in the varnish protect the wood and help prevent aging and yellowing that is common with lacquer. On the industrial coatings scale, conversion varnish is in category 6 for durability and strength. Compare that to pre-catalyzed lacquer (considered high quality by many manufacturers) which only rates a 2 on the same scale. For this reason conversion varnish is the finish of choice for high-end kitchen cabinet and furniture manufacturers.

Because conversion varnish is non-tinted, it does not lose its durability due to added pigments. The color of the furniture is determined by the stain which is applied first and hand-rubbed into the wood for color consistency. The protective conversion varnish is then applied over the stain. Our painted finishes also have conversion varnish applied after the paint has sufficiently cured.

Our furniture is normally protected with two coats of this top-grade, non-tinted varnish, hand sanded between coats to produce a satin-smooth finish. Several of our manufacturers have chosen to make three coats standard for extra protection. This multi-step process highlights the natural features of the wood and provides a greater level of furniture protection. Even the drawer interiors are protected with this exceptional varnish! The end result is a water-, heat-, scratch-, and household chemical-resistant barrier that is easy to maintain and clean!

Buyer Alert: Many furniture companies, even those who produce hardwood furniture similar to ours, use inferior oil, lacquer, or polyurethane finishes to keep their production costs lower. While their furniture may appear to be of the same quality, its long term durability and resistance to aging and cracking is greatly compromised. Those finishes are often easily softened, marred, and/or stained by common household cleaning products (and even by water and food!). You will also need to spend more time and care to try to preserve the initial beauty of the furniture and its finish. Make sure your furniture has a finish worthy of its construction quality!

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Do You Sell Antique Reproductions?

Several of our manufacturers produce reproductions of various styles of furniture, including Mission/Arts & Crafts, Shaker, Windsor, and Traditional. You may commission custom pieces to match your existing furniture. Reproduction dovetailed wood-on-wood slides replicate the quality of the original, or you may choose hidden ballbearing drawer slides for ease of operation. Our finish options include hand-rubbed oil finishes along with options such as painting, distressing, glazing, and handplaning.

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Why Don't You Have Prices Online?

Showing all the prices is not easy because you may choose to purchase your furniture as we show it, or modify it with the many options available. Some of these options such as color, hardware, and size, are quite obvious, while other options such as drawer slides, TV lifts, interior components, and distressing are hidden or do not show up well in pictures. Many of these modifications affect the price, so the furniture pictured may cost more or less than the the way you would order it. Because our furniture is made by hand one at a time, many of our clients choose to modify their furniture to match their decor or personal preferences. That is the reason we do not limit you to the handful of options many online retailers offer, but we specialize in furniture made to order, with optional modifications that can include size and configuration changes as well as complete custom design and build. Listing all our options and price adjustments online would be difficult, costly, and confusing, and would greatly increase the possibility for error. Call us with your needs or visit our showroom and we will assist you in choosing the perfect furniture for your home, with your choice of options or none at all!

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Is Hardwood Furniture Easy to Maintain?
As with any finishes, there are some guidelines to follow in order to avoid damage and keep it looking its best. Fortunately, with conversion varnish, these guidelines are basic and easy to remember.

  • Avoid dry dusting and abrasive cleaning products (for the same reason that you wouldn't use a dry sponge to clean your car's exterior). Instead, use a cloth dampened with water or high quality non-wax polish. A soft cloth and warm, soapy water is all you'll need for most routine cleaning! Cleaners with ammonia may discolor the finish.

  • Wipe up spills and splashes with a moistened cloth. Avoid difficult cleaning and finish abuse by not allowing them to set up or harden. Water rings from cups or other containers may simply be wiped up at the end of a meal. When moist, some dyes and inks from newspapers and plastic bags may discolor the finish.

  • To polish, use a well-formulated polish (lemon oil or similar) that does not contain silicone. Silicone polishes will build up a layer of residue over time.

  • Conversion varnish has been rated for heat resistance up to 220*F, but don't push your luck. We recommend using tabletop protection for temperatures over 150*F. A table pad, available here and made to fit your table, provides peace of mind as well as protection from dents or scratches due to accidents and careless children (or in-laws).

  • If desired, your furniture may be waxed annually. Be sure to completely remove old wax prior to re-waxing. Too much wax may cause moisture from a glass or beverage can to leave a milky white ring on the surface.

  • Because wood is a natural product, it does respond to changes in its environment. Indoor relative humidity of 35 to 45% will minimize the effects of expansion and contraction.
  • Even tank armor can get scratched and dented, but it can also be repaired. If your fine furniture does happen to get damaged, it can be refinished and repaired because it is solid hardwood, not just a thin veneer. A Furniture Protection Plan can make it easier by protecting you from repair costs. It's like insurance for your
    furniture and is available for a nominal one-time charge when you make your purchase!

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    Do You Sell Guardsman Furniture Care Products?

    We are pleased to offer you access to the most trusted name in furniture care! We carry a full line of Guardsman furniture care products to help you maintain the beauty of your fine wood, leather, and fabric furniture. Guardsman products are designed to keep your furniture looking its best without a build-up of silicones and waxes.

    A Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan can help you avoid the cost of repairs in the event of accidental damage to your furniture. With the right products and little effort, your fine furniture will retain its beauty and fill an important role in your home for years to come.

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    What Sets Alegacy Furniture Apart?

    What Sets Alegacy Furniture Apart? So, what really is different about Alegacy Furniture, and why should you choose to make your furniture selection here? Well, first of all are the reasons we explained earlier:

    -- Benefit to the American economy
    -- No high pressure sales
    -- Eco-friendly production
    -- Sustainable American hardwoods
    -- No endangered or tropical hardwoods
    -- Customization and custom design
    -- Manufacture and finish quality
    -- Easy to clean and maintain
    -- Enduring quality and value
    -- Personal, first-class delivery service

    As mentioned above, we store owners have chosen to remain personally involved in ordering, receiving, and even delivering your furniture. You work directly with us in planning, customizing, and placing your furniture order, and we deal directly with the craftsman in charge of building it for you. We transport the furniture on our own truck to our warehouse where we inspect it prior to delivering it to your home.
    If you wish, you can take advantage of our numerous interest-free finance options to spread out the payments on your new furniture. It's our way of taking American handcrafted furniture to a whole new level! So come in and see for yourself the difference that hand made, solid, American hardwood furniture can make in YOUR home!

    Invest In Solid Hardwood --- Its Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep