Custom. Made Affordable.

Imagine ordering your own custom furniture in three easy steps: wood, color, and hardware. Now imagine doing it without any custom upcharges. Every piece of furniture we offer gives you that ability! Because we offer many styles and sizes, much of the furniture we deliver is built to standard dimensions with our client's preference of wood, color, and hardware--all available at standard pricing. Those three items alone can make our furniture uniquely yours.

But while you are here, take a look at our other options as well. You might prefer a different style of table leg, a two-tone finish, or storage drawers under your bed. That new mirror would be even better with jewelry storage hidden behind it. Touch lighting in a display cabinet. A 28" stool height. Painted or distressed finishes. Let the possibilities spark your creativity!

But your furniture space might call for certain dimensions. Or the designer within you might conjure up a dream. What do you do then? Visit our showroom or contact us and finalize the design, dimensions, and details of your very own custom made furniture! Give us a picture, a sketch, or just your visual description. We will answer your questions, address any concerns, and provide a free quote on the furniture you need. Based on our experience with many Amish furniture makers, we will choose the one that is best suited to make the furniture that will beautify your home for years to come!  

So whether you live nearby, or are too far away to visit our showroom, Alegacy Furniture makes it easy for you to enjoy premium furniture, custom made just for you! Join our many clients who understand the value and satisfaction of investing in Amish-quality furniture. Don't wait any longer for that piece you've been wishing for! Just right for you. Just right for your home. Just right for your budget. Available at Alegacy Furniture